Student code of conduct

Dance classes have their own set of rules and manners. They are meant to preserve the long history of discipline in dance and show respect to the dance professionals who lead the classes. Our goal is to create an environment where students feel both nurtured and challenged. At the same time, our instructors maintain appropriate order, safety and discipline to ensure a safe, positive and educational environment, DF reserves the right to refuse admittance to any person who jeopardizes our ability to provide such an atmosphere. Disrespectful or disruptive behaviour or language in class is not appropriate and will not be tolerated.

Dance Fredericton strives to maintain a positive learning environment for its students. Please be courteous in your dealings with our teachers, accompanists, reception personnel and board members. Parents displaying disrespectful or inflammatory behaviour or conduct will be asked to leave the school and such behaviour may result in the discharge of their child from the class and DF program.

Bullying, harassment and intimidation of fellow dancers will not be tolerated. Any such behaviour on the part of a student may result in dismissal from the class and ultimately in suspension from the school.


The school respectfully requests the following:

  1. Students are required to display a courteous manner at all times and comply with the rules of the school.
  2. Students are to conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere with others use and enjoyment of the facilities.
  3. Students are to arrive on time to class and rehearsal (calculate 5-10 minutes before class to allow time to change and stretch).
  4. That students do not wear jewellery or nail polish (small earrings are ok).
  5. Students are to arrive fully groomed - hair must be up and out of face for all classes and rehearsals. Proper ballet bun required for all ballet and pointe classes.
  6. Students arrive with the proper class uniforms - no substitutions.
  7. Students or parents inform reception beforehand if they will be late or absent.
  8. Disruptive classroom conduct, chronic tardiness and inappropriate behaviour or appearance may result in dismissal from class.
  9. That students respect all studio equipment (no banging off or leaning barres, piano and no touching of sound/stereo system).
  10. No electronic devices are allowed to be brought into the studio (cell phone, iPods, MP3 players) - please leave these items in the change room or at home. DF is not to be held responsible for lost or stolen articles.

A student may be disciplined for failing to comply with the above Student Code of Conduct