Program registration

Registration must be done in person at the Dance Fredericton office. We have two registration periods, which can be found below, along with a link to our registration form.

Registration for Fall 2019 is September 4 & 5 from 4-6pm

If you are unavailable during these times, feel free to contact us.




Helpful information for new and returning parents

  1. Absolutely no parking in the upper lot prior to 5:00PM, including quick drop-offs.

  2. Do not drop off your dancer more than 15 minutes prior to their lesson unless OK'd by the office.

  3. If weather is questionable, please phone the office at 457-2538, check our website or visit our Facebook page for up-to-date cancellation information.

  4. All other forced cancellations (teacher illness, etc.) will be sent home via email. Please make sure your provided email address is the one you check most frequently. If your email changes, please inform the office ASAP.

  5. Read the Student Handbook carefully and keep it for reference throughout the year.

  6. Lost and found items are kept in a basket in the office. Items left unclaimed in the basket after the end of each semester - December 31 and May 1 - will be donated to Good Will.

  7. The three post-dated payment dates are September 1, December 1 and February 1. Please notify the office ASAP if your payment situation changes.

  8. To help keep our expenses down we ask that your please send a water bottler with your dancer to lessons.

  9. The hallway and upstairs landing are not property of Dance Fredericton. Please ensure your children do not play on the staircases, and the landing should be kept clean and in an unobstructed state.

  10. We are always open to any ideas you may have to help Dance Fredericton be the best dance school in Fredericton!