Year end Recitals



Junior School Recital :  Canada 150 - Celebrate our diversity

2:00pm- Come Celebrate the cultural makeup of Canada with Dance
Fredericton's youngest dancers.  Our Junior recital showcases our young
dancers, some of whom aretaking to the stage for the first time.  Enjoy an
afternoon of sweet faces, beginning steps and all that makes our country the
best country in the world!

"An Education in Dance"
7:30pm - Dance Fredericton is pleased to present "An Education in Dance" - a
lecture/ Demonstration with narration by David Moroni, the founding director
of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School.    Watch and learn while our senior
students go through the rigors of a class.  The second portion of the
program will highlight our senior and competitive dancers in a polished and
professional presentation.    This evening of dance will be both educational
and enjoyable!